File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

A new way to send us files

We have added a new and very simple way to upload your files to us. With just a few clicks of your mouse your files will be on their way with no special software to install.

Click here to go there now

Accessing our FTP

To ensure smooth operation and faster transfer times, please compress your files before placing them on our FTP site. See our ZIP page for more details. Then follow the simple instructions below:

Accessing our secure web based dropbox

You can access a personal, secure web interface for sending and receiving files by calling your CSR and requesting a username and password. This webpage is convenient and secure, with no software to download.

Click here to go there now

You can also access our SFTP server with the same credentials by using an SFTP client to access

Using an FTP application (recommended):

USERNAME: prepress
PASSWORD: commerce

Most web browsers do not support uploading via FTP.
Update for Internet Explorer 7, 8 & 9:

1. FTP is no longer supported directly within the browser
2. Start by clicking this link
3. This will initially give you an error message (this is okay)
4. Look for the "View" menu and select the option "Open FTP site in Windows Explorer." If you do not see a menu, press the alt key and select View > "Open FTP Site in..."
5. Enter the Username and Password from above
6. You are all set!